Many people living in the United States need a VPN to secure their private data or use VPN to do remote work. However, if you google free VPN, most of the time, you will find a lot of websites promoting many VPNs which are not free. Some of them are very expansive since they can promote these VPNs to get their commission fee. So in this article, we download the common free VPN in the United State and provide their speed test to you guys. You will learn the following:

What is VPN?

Ok, so first, what is VPN? Most people who use VPN even do not understand the meaning. The VPN is the abbreviation of the virtual private network. Virtual private network is a technology that you can build a private network under some public network. You can think VPN is like a private room in a public place. You can create them in order to talk to somebody so that other people can not access your conversation. To be more precise, one can think VPN is an encryption process, so that your messages are encrypted. The details of encryption techniques are beyond this article. There are many encryption techniques using number theory like RSA, Elliptic curve and Graph isomorphism test which use many mathematics and computer sciences. But for the user, all you need to know is that VPN is just an application of cryptography.

Why you use VPN in the united states

ok, so who cares about vpn in the united states? The US does not like China who has a so-called “Internet censorship circumvention”. In the US, you can access google, facebook, instagram, youtube without worrying about anything. It looks like we don’t need such VPN and still pay a lot on VPN. However, there are still situations where you need to use VPN in the United States. I list three common situations that you want to use VPN.

Access website from outside the US (not China)

For example, if you want to buy things from Walmart or Gamestop outside from the US, you better use VPN. Since their websites will ban others to pay if they are outside the US.

Access betting website from the US

Online Betting is illegal in most of the states. So if you want to use betting websites to make fortune, then sure, you will need a good VPN.

Access other videos in other countries from the US

If you want to see videos which are only available in some other  countries which are only accessible in that country and sure, you will need a VPN.

We list three free VPNs


TunnelBear is a completely free one, but the dates you can use are limited.

Windscribe VPN

Windscribe is also a free VPN, it has a chrome extension, so you don’t have to install them in your local computer.


urban VPN is a good one, unfortunately its speed is a little bit slow, you can only access websites and you cannot use them to see youtube.

Free VPN speed test and pros and cons

After spending some time discussing VPN, now I am going to discuss some Free VPN. I downloaded them and I use online speed testing to test their speed (both download speed and upload speed). 

Free VPN pros and cons:

To be honest, the speed of a free VPN is often slower than the paid VPN, otherwise who use a Free one. So the pros of a free VPN are that this is free and you can download them easily. You can also upgrade them once you think you need more speed. 

The disadvantage of FreeVPN is that since it is free, so safety is not guaranteed to be 100%. But you don’t need to worry much if you use them in the US (Contrary to China) if your location and personal information leaked a little bit when you use VPN. You have legal protection since using a VPN in the United States is a legal thing and you will get protected by Law. However, using VPN in China is a 100% different issue, we will discuss them in the next paragraph.

What should you do if you want to use VPN in China?

Ok, fine, so if you are a US person but you are living in China and you want to use VPN to bypass the “Internet censorship circumvention” in China. But now, you got a problem if you use a free VPN. The Great Firewall (GFW in China is like a monster that will evolve through time. So GFW will keep updating its rules and try to block every VPN. For example, in 2018, you can use NordVPN and ProtonVPN in China. But now, in 2021, both of them got blocked by GFW. This means that if you use Free VPN, you may not bypass GFW since some of the paid ones can not bypass them.   Second, using a VPN in China is an illegal thing. You will get exposed to the legal issue and got caught by “公安”(Police in China). So in order to use VPN in China, a free VPN is very risky and your personal information can not be protected and guaranteed to be saved. So I suggest if you are living in China and the main purpose for you using VPN is to fight with this monster. Then you should use paid VPN like ExpressVPN. Go to see our [2021十大中国VPN下载地址 – 四月更新].


Everyone has different reasons to use VPN. So you should check why you use VPN and choose the best VPN for your own purpose.